Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prayers and Happiness for Kentucky

Our snow is melting away today as the temperatures are reaching into the 50s. I saw on TV this morning that Kentucky is having the worst ice storm of their lives. I am so sorry to all of you struggling to find shelter and clean water. I pray that some of our warmth will come your way quickly and that your electric will be restored very fast. Know that we in other states are thinking and praying for you.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First snow of 2009

Today we actually got snow! It seems like forever since we've seen the wonderful fluffy white stuff. Still not enough to build a snowman or play in it. I, like my children adore the dreamy winter wonderland.

I felt a little better today so i was able to go out and take some pictures of the new and falling snow. It just left me wanting a 100mm lens though. I had to repeat to myself to be happy with what you have, be happy with what you have! I do like my Tiffen close up lenses they do the trick. All in time.

Well here's hoping for more snow! Hope no other St. Louisans heard that ..they don't like snow! LOL They rush out and buy eggs, bread and milk. I have no idea what they are making with this but its what you do if you live here. Maybe some of you true chefs can send me a recipe with these 3 ingredients to make sense of it all!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Childhood Wisdom

My daughter and son were playing a little fun Texas Hold'em. My daughter 8 was giving my son almost 13 quite a beating when my husband walked in a said, "You know in this game you can lose it all in a hurry!" And she kindly replied, "I"m not in a hurry." Then she went on to win every last chip. You go girly.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Doctor "Tool" Invented

I guess your wondering! why i have a needle and a flashlight! Well all you need is a flashlight from the HomeDepot to be a doctor!

Well I've been very sick..yes again. I haven't been able to eat and barely able to drink for a week. Its been going on longer but this has been the worst week.
I thought i had an ENT appointment Monday but turns out its on the 2nd of February. I called my general and told me to go to the ER. Then i call my Lung specialist and he was able to see me. That's were it gets fun (kinda).

My wonderful husband went with me or i would have lost it. I go in tell him (the specialist) my throat is killing me, cant' eat, drink, swallow and my ears are hurting. He picks up a HomeDepot like flashlight and looks in my mouth, no tongue depressor, and says i don't see anything. I'm looking right at the "correct" utensils on the wall across from me! Does he check my ears..NO but he does make one more check in my mouth with his HomeDepot flashlight! He is a real specialist! Why not use the right things..they are right there?? Plus the guy went off on my general calling him stupid for sending me to the ER. Real winner wouldn't you agree!

When i got home my general called and told me he was sorry and called in something he thought would help. We'll see. I'm on so many meds I'm a walking pharmacy!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Its about Time!

Okay how many of you digital photographers have never printed out one of your pictures? Come on raise your hands...I see your hand..and yours..yep i saw it. Well mine was raised until today. My sister in law wanted this shot "Just a little Leftover Sparkle" printed out for your home so i decided to print out one of my flower shots for myself also. It was so amazing to see my work in print. You really don't know how cool it all is until you really see it. So i am telling you now..print something,'ll feel like a professional! LOL

Friday, January 16, 2009

Its a Happy Birthday!

Its my daughters birthday today. What a wonderful experience for a child. You still look forward to it. You don't know that you're getting closer to aching creaking bones you just think about the gifts and how many you'll be getting. And she gets plenty.

As a kid i remember one kind of Lego's. They were red, white, yellow, black and maybe blue. Now they have a set for girls. They come in an assortment of pinks. They have a jump rope, white picket fence, bows, flowers, house..You name it its there. I'm just amazed at how things have progressed, even things like Lego's. So yes, my daughter got those along with Pet Shops, My Little Pony and some paints. (she is a artist at heart)

She is a beautiful gift that we never thought we would have due to my crohn's diseases. We were told NOT to have any more after my son. My son started praying for a sister. We didn't tell him no we just prayed along with him and let God decide. Well you can see that God answered with a Yes! And we have been blessed every day of her life!

Happy Birthday precious!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Starbucks Handouts???

Today is freezing! I took my daughter to gymnastics and thought my fingers were going to fall off. Yes i wore my gloves, huge coat (that my family laughs about) and my sparkly scarf but i still froze. To all of you in the northern states..your my heroes! I have no idea how you do it day after day! God knew what He was doing when He put me in the Midwest.

Okay so your wondering about the title? On the way to gymnastics i went by Starbucks ordered my low fat no whip decaf white chocolate mocha (not high maintenance or anything). I drove around to pay and noticed that I did not have my purse! Oh great no mocha! Well low and behold they gave it to me free and with a smile! I love Starbucks but free Starbucks...thats far better!

Today is one of my dear flickr friends birthdays. She is one of my dearest friends. Super talented in photography and the culinary arts. She also has a blog..."Feasting On Pixels". Happy Birthday Thérèse-Marie. May all your wishes come true.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today is my first day of my new blog. I've wanted one for a long time but haven't really known what i would write or do on it. But occasionally i think about something that i just wish i could say to the world or well some of it so i thought...hey..why not do this blog thing. Plus i can then look back at what I've thought of whether its important or not. Plus its a good place to post some of my pictures.

I love photography and am addicted to flickr. I have some amazing friends there and i recommend it to anyone that loves to take photographs and wants to improve. It has truly helped me this past year.

Okay so one thing i was thinking about today that i just had to say..have you seen those kid size cups at Starbucks?! They are so cute. You can get a kid size drink for a "smaller" price and they will even make sure its not as hot. That Starbucks...they think of everything!