Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Doctor "Tool" Invented

I guess your wondering! why i have a needle and a flashlight! Well all you need is a flashlight from the HomeDepot to be a doctor!

Well I've been very sick..yes again. I haven't been able to eat and barely able to drink for a week. Its been going on longer but this has been the worst week.
I thought i had an ENT appointment Monday but turns out its on the 2nd of February. I called my general and told me to go to the ER. Then i call my Lung specialist and he was able to see me. That's were it gets fun (kinda).

My wonderful husband went with me or i would have lost it. I go in tell him (the specialist) my throat is killing me, cant' eat, drink, swallow and my ears are hurting. He picks up a HomeDepot like flashlight and looks in my mouth, no tongue depressor, and says i don't see anything. I'm looking right at the "correct" utensils on the wall across from me! Does he check my ears..NO but he does make one more check in my mouth with his HomeDepot flashlight! He is a real specialist! Why not use the right things..they are right there?? Plus the guy went off on my general calling him stupid for sending me to the ER. Real winner wouldn't you agree!

When i got home my general called and told me he was sorry and called in something he thought would help. We'll see. I'm on so many meds I'm a walking pharmacy!



  1. Dearest Katherine, I am so sorry to hear that you are so ill.
    I am also under the weather and going through the same frustration of being ill and going to a doctor that does not listen.
    A good doctor is one that knows when he does not know what to do, says so, and sends you to one that does and will help you...
    In my criteria in looking for a doctor, I remember the oath I took in nursing school…”First, do no harm…”
    Meanwhile as we are both ill, you remain in my prayers.
    Hugs and many good wishes…your friend

  2. Katherine, I too am very sorry you're sick. I've tagged you so I hope that will cheer you up.
    Take good care of yourself. Come by and collect your tag when you feel better.