Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How could i forget?

I know..i haven't blogged in forever! Summer kept me away.
We drove through Colorado this summer. I'd been there in winter to ski but there is nothing like seeing all of those mountains with their true colors.
While there i had wanted to do one thing very important to me. Sit in the valley beneath the house we rented and worship God through song and reading His word. Its amazing how caught up in the moment we can become that even something so important and simple can be forgotten. I stood in awe under and on top of mountains thanking God for this blessing that we were experiencing. His hand is so powerful it could make these glorious mountains..move them if He wanted. His power is very vivid there. But i forgot! How? How does one forget to bow down to his magnificence?
I am thankful for being able to take so many pictures of our trip. With a camera and with my mind. On the way out of Colorado Springs i took my son's Ipod full of powerful songs about God's love, power and what we had done for us and closed my eyes putting myself back in that valley looking up at all the mountains surrounding me and worshipped! Worshipped my Father!
I pray that next time i do not forget the most powerful and meaningful moment i could experience any where.

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